Discipline is a focus for me in 2019.  There are so many people these days that just can’t seem to stop flexing their ‘quitting muscles’ and that is no way to ever reach your goals or reach your goals.  Persistence, drive, dedication and refusing to quit is key.

We’ve got about 525 people in the office and my team is about 18 people who are at various levels of success.  The top performers either buy business by advertising or they build business over time getting into relationships.  Both models can work, but understanding that there is a choice being made in doing transactions vs building relationships.  This is not to say that we can’t start with transactions and build relationships from them, it’s more about chasing business in the rat race of the world or decidedly attracting business by bringing value to people lives and offering to serve others.

Are you feeling tired ?  Perhaps you would benefit from taking the time needed to review your values and missions or purpose; what Mike Murdock calls, ‘your assignment’ and getting cleared on what problems you are uniquely qualified to solve and focusing on that smaller segment of the world around you.  Stop chasing and you’ll probably not get so tired.

Quitting is a muscle that can grow.  So many times I have seen this and it’s getting worse as generations look for immediate gratification and results.  I know that by just ‘doing what I say I’m going to do’ has really helped me to stand out in a sea of sameness.  You can also.  Refuse to quit and start keeping your word to yourself and others and you can make progress toward your goals.

Super excited at the passing lane I see in the marketing place as so many people give up and quit.  About 10 years ago, a mentor of mine coined the term, “Buffet of Weakness”.  It was amazing how spot on he called it.  For many reasons, people do not have the ability to keep their commitments.  Life is going to present you with options.  You will have the ability to choose whatever you want in life.  You may have a goal.  Buying a house, a new car, going to college.  However, a few people will get clear on your purpose.  Your assignment is so clearly your purpose that if you will pour every ounce of your ability into developing yourself into the best version of yourself possible, then you will beyond a doubt be paid at the highest level possible.  Skills.  It always comes down to your belief in yourself which is a byproduct of your skills.  What skills do you need to improve.  Are you capable of learning ?  Then you can get the skills needed to win.

We can do this people.  Stop quitting and making excuses and get it done!  If it’s hard, work harder, hire a coach, increase your skills and learn to love to grind it out.